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Mind-Body Fertility Support

Mind-Body Fertility Support

Are you actively trying to conceive?Are you about to start fertility treatment? Cycle monitoring, in uterine insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment? Have you just been diagnosed with infertility?
Mind-Body Fertility counselling and support may be the perfect complimentary treatment to help ease negative emotions often associated with infertility’s “roller coaster.”
I will teach you how to loosen your grip, just enough so you can move through the ebb and flow of the ride. Through a variety of mind body techniques, you will learn how to relate to yourself and your fertility experience differently.

You will explore stress reduction techniques that elicit your body’s natural relaxation response. Through cognitive restructuring, you will begin using new language with yourself that is more compassionate and empowering. I create a safe environment so you can explore normal emotions such as jealousy, anger, sadness and fear
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How will this help me?

Ventilation of stress about your situation that may block you from effectively coping and problem solving
Understanding of guided imagery to help tolerate medical procedures while envisioning positive outcomes
Elimination of anger towards yourself and your body, facilitating a sense of love and esteem towards your body and intentions
Comprehension of the law of attraction and how certain beliefs need to be released
Identification of unconscious thoughts that may be hindering treatment
Release of negative energies you are holding in your body
Relaxation and mind-body techniques to assist you in your monthly cycling
Discovery of a new framework and meaning to your situation that inspires you

I encourage a regenerative, self-nurturing lifestyle that supports the vulnerability inherent in fertility treatment. Together, we can go deep within to identify, understand and release old beliefs that are no longer helpful.

You are no longer alone.
Let’s get started. You deserve a chance to start receiving support now.
My services are covered under many different insurance plans.
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