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Fertility Awareness

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1 in 6 Canadian couples are struggling with infertility.
If you are actively seeking treatment at a fertility clinic than you probably are aware of all the women and couples also seeking fertility treatment. It always feels nice to speak to someone who understands the experience from a personal perspective.
Brene Brown

“The two most powerful words when
we’re in struggle: “Me too.”

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Join our fertility friend program

Going through Infertility can feel very isolating. Often, it seems like nobody understands.  Healing Infertility has started a new program called “fertility friend.”

If you are struggling with infertility and want to connect with someone who is also going through the experience, join our fertility friend program. We call it  one on one “peer support.”

Get yourself connected and supported

If you are going through IVF treatment, we can also put you in touch with someone who has gone through the same treatment.

Our own history in this field has shown us that communication through a peer support programme like fertility friend can be valuable to a person feeling isolated and suffering with the difficult emotions that come with this experience.

Are you interested in becoming a fertility friend?

If you want more information and are interested in becoming a fertility friend, please send me your synopsis by filling out the form.

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